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About Autism 
Autism is a complex neurodevelopmental condition affecting
1 out of 59 individuals in the United States.
Social Communication

Autism can cause challenges with social communication. It affects how we interact with others. 

Sensory Sensitivity

Autism affects sensory processing. About 90% of individuals with autism experience atypical sensory processing, affecting every modality. 

Repetitive Behavior

Individuals with autism often engage in repetitive activities like body rocking,  hand flapping, and pacing. They might also show repetitive speech such as counting or repeating lines from a movie.

Intense Focus 

Those with autism often have a focus on specific interests that seem more intense than from others of their own age.

Autism Spectrum Diagnosis?

If you or your child have a diagnosis of Autism, PDD-NOS, or Asperger's Syndrome, please volunteer for our research to help us understand how people with autism see the world.

You will be invited to the Dartmouth campus to participate an assessment, an fMRI brain scan, take visual tests on a computer, and complete cognitive questionnaires.  You will receive compensation for your time, reimbursement for your travel, and a picture of your brain!  To learn more about how to volunteer, please click below:

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